Sales Manager Account Executive Recession Proof Sell Money Very Large Income

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Find yourself Imagining now how exciting
it is selling money
to wealthy individuals and corporations
across the world…then you instantly realize It is the oldest, best,
and most lucrative industry in the world!
  We sell money, it is an enjoyable
satisfying high status very lucrative profession!  Our services are
valuable to our clients, and it is secure and recession proof for you! 
You can make money in great economic times, flat economic times, as well as
very bad recessions/depressions because demand for our money never stops. 
We have endless demand from HNW clients in 195 countries, it gives you
incredibly high earning capacity with our generous and lucrative
compensation!  For the right candidate who is ambitious we offer you a
long term extraordinarily secure career.

should consider now a career with SCG.  Demand around the world is growing
tremendously for our loans to help both individuals and businesses due to the
turbulent global conditions in the world.  People need help and money now
as money becomes more expensive and harder to access, with each new
crisis.  Our global team of experts never stopped helping people around
the world during covid when most businesses were shut down, we were fully open
the entire time globally.  In fact, our people made record profits during
this time helping those who needed money desperately.  You can help others
regardless of war, bank failures or market up and downs across the world clients
are seeking help and money.  We have continued to lend around the world
without any interruptions since 2008, which equals future security for you and
your family.   The World Bank stated that the global economy will plunge
into the worst recession since 1870 and per capita incomes to shrink in all
regions.  This will be a 200% to 400% deeper recession compared to the
global financial crisis of 2009, and like nothing people have lived through in
the last 100 years.  We offer you and your family stability in these
turbulent unpredictable times ahead.  We are prepared for this and ready
to assist globally clients that demand our solutions.  While many across
the world have and are experiencing global uncertainty and crisis after crisis
understand that SCG team members are enjoying record incomes during these
unprecedented times and will continue into the future because the demand for
money never stops.  Good times people need money for nice things during
bad times people need money to survive and thrive, our people earn money
regardless of the economic cycles.  Our loans are in more demand in bad
times but equally in great as well as good times.   It does not matter
because people always need money!

you goal driven and self-motivated but have not had the correct financial sales
product/service to take advantage of those skills you have worked so hard to
perfect over your career?  Do you want the ability to earn a very sizable
income with our bespoke loan product catering to high net worth (HNW)
Individuals?  How about the ability to enter an elite area of banking and
finance where large loan structures, that we as a direct lender fund
consistently, can earn you significant income fees on a single loan
transaction?  How about the realistic potential with extremely smart work,
experience, and determination, to earn at the top income percentile every year
with SCG as a HNW lending expert catering to HNW clients?  

you like a unique lending product/service with very little competition? 
Do you want a recession proof product/service, for security?  Would a
fast-closing cycle from start to finish, be something you would want?  We
can close our Leveraged Equity Loans™ (also called stock
loans, share loans, equity loans, security/securities loans, SBL) in days to a
couple of weeks.  We are seeking an Account Executive & sales manager
with the best qualifications that match our exclusive products and would enjoy
the advantages of working for us, is that you?

is SCG?

is a bespoke global direct lending company.  Serving our HNW clients with
10+ Years of honesty and integrity in Leveraged Equities Lending™ with
the ability to fund loans on over 80+ major stock exchanges across the world
and serving clients in 195+ countries globally! 

What experience are we looking for in a candidate?

are seeking an individual with any of the prior or similar successful sales
experience working with HNW clients, C Level management of public companies,
HNW banking, wealth management, investment groups, investors, angel investors,
HNW sales, securities industry experience, brokerage firms, investment bankers,
commercial loan brokering, debt/equity structuring, M&A experience, jumbo
mortgage brokers, private bankers, trust companies, market makers, offshore
firms, luxury realty sales, high ticket sales (yachts, jets, collectible art
etc.), HNW accounting firms, Immigrating specialty firms, hedge fund sales or
operations, private equity as well as any other finance niche lending
experience all do well with us and fit our experience criteria.  

is my earning capacity with SCG in bespoke lending?

offer the most generous and lucrative compensation available, including
benefits offered and additional windfalls on quotas attained.  Account
Executives earn an average of 3% in fee income per structured transaction.
  We lend very significant amounts of money to our HNW clients and because
your compensation is interlinked to the size of the loans, that is how come
this sales position allows you the ability to earn a very considerable amount
of money.  Our clients borrow in the tens and hundreds of millions of
dollars in loan transactions from us, so we are seeking somebody with a comfort
level working in this exclusive segment of banking and finance.  

a global client base the size of ours the earning ability is uncapped! There is
no income ceiling because you can earn as much as you want solely reliant on
the monetary volume of loans you close with clients.  If you are selected
to join us, SCG as a direct lender can open the doors for you into this
lucrative lending niche of banking and finance.  You can find yourself
building a very lucrative long-term career with the leading leverage equities
lender in the world.  

are the advantages of working for SCG?

originates through our professionally trained loan officers, processes,
underwrites, funds and services all the loans we close.  In fact, we are
one of the only global lenders to do so.  This allows us to stick to our
model of being fast, efficient, and flexible, which means more loans closed and
funded to clients!  In turn, you benefit with amazingly large origination
fees on transactions.  Unlike banks we do not have regulatory imposed
lending limits per client, that means we can structure larger loans.  We
have no theoretical lending limits as each loan is based on the merits and
underwriting of the collateral pledged.  That stated, most higher loans
are in the hundreds of millions typically. Standard loans requests are $10
million to $75 million, larger loans $100 million to $500+ million, with the
absolute minimum loan we do is only $1,000,000 USD.

type of training is provided?

very thorough expert training is provided to you, if you are selected as a
candidate match.  We have invested great amounts of money, energy, and
time into our comprehensive training to make sure you really learn not just
about lending but exactly how we lend money at SCG to our HNW clients around
the world.  

Leverage Equity Loans™ in demand in both good and bad economic times?

economic upheaval and recessions, the client demand for our money becomes even
stronger globally due directly to other sources of liquidity disappearing
and/or banks adopting restrictive lending policies and/or banks calling due
very large credit lines or loans our clients may have or planned to use but now
are forced to pay in full.  Our HNW clients want more money in great times
to expand and they need money in bad times to cover losses or other special
need situations.  When you are in bespoke lending you are in the money
business, and it is simply fantastic and nothing else comes even close to

markets do we serve?

Individual and corporate global stock owners across over 80+ Exchanges spanning
the world.  An extremely large market globally! 

is SCG’s competitive advantage?

solutions and almost no competition firstly, makes this a powerful and
lucrative sales position for you.  We can be more competitive than
institutional banks in the majority of cases and across multiple aspects of a
transaction.  15+ years of experience with honesty and integrity
delivering Leveraged Equity Loans™ to HNW clients across the
world.   Never any upfront fees, low borrowing costs and high value
service/product, fast execution of closings all of which our clients need and
want, which they cannot get with the institutional banks or other
lenders!  Virtually sells itself because money is the best business in the

will be your work environment?

will provide you with never-ending support to excel with us and help you in
advancing in our company.  This support will allow you to naturally grow
your income year after year, as to when you apply yourself with discipline and
follow our proven successful sales process.  We believe and train you to
employ smart work combined with hard work, so you can create time freedom to
golf or travel as you dream, this is a reward you can enjoy after you master
what we do.  What we do requires great work and dedication, especially to
ramp up, to be successful and those who do not possess this ambition will not
experience success as others on the team are.  Our people after
experiencing success with us follow their dreams to relocate to desirable
mountains where they ski and hike, cities they dream of living in, new
countries or escape to tropical island beaches because all you need is a good
internet and device as our global team work remotely spanning the entire
world.  We have a large successful team and for the right candidate you
can join them and enjoy a newfound level of success and freedom.  


  • 100+
    Trillion dollars of Leveraged Equity Loan™ potential globally
  • 15+
    Years of experience with honesty and integrity working with our HNW
    clients globally!
  • Fast
    closings and sales cycle from days to weeks.
  • An
    Easy Sale -because it really is simple if a client wants our money, they
    want it!  
  • We
    never ask for any money from clients so that is never an objection many in
    sales must deal with for a client to proceed.  If they need or want
    money, clients usually proceed with our loan.  
  • Very
    generous and lucrative compensation.
  • Global
    sales coverage with unlimited prospects and leads.
  • Comprehensive
    world class training provided to make you successful.
  • Realize
    working for SCG you now can earn a very large income by leveraging your
    relationships and skills you worked so hard to develop over your career!
  • We
    lend globally in 80+ major markets to borrowers in 195+ countries across
    the world.
  • Health,
    vacation, and retirement benefits offered.
  • Finally,
    and most importantly we offer you stability regardless of economic cycles
    and industry strength you can depend on for your future from a leading
    bespoke global direct lending company. 

If you easily find yourself instantly becoming aware to the point you
think this is finally what you have been searching for and you want to uncover
more now, then continue and apply right now.  
provide resume/cv and brief cover letter.