Good Help Posting: Fulfillment & Inventory Associate @E-Commerce Company

Brooklyn NY 11232

Job Brief

We are seeking a highly detail-oriented and accurate Fulfillment and Inventory Coordinator to join
our team. The ideal candidate will possess a strong focus on quality control and the ability to
maintain standards while being very attentive to details. You will be an integral part of our team,
working closely with colleagues in various departments to ensure timely and accurate order
fulfillment and inventory management. The ability to collaborate effectively with others and work
towards common goals is essential for success in this role. We are looking for someone who is
proactive, positive and committed to achieving excellence in their work.


● Fulfill FBA tasks including printing barcodes for work orders, cutting and adjusting shipping
boxes based on the size of contained goods, and weighing and sealing boxes.

● Repackage wholesale orders with a focus on uniform packaging, printing Shipstation
packing slips, weighing, and cutting boxes if necessary.

● Handle Zulily orders with attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and quality control
throughout the process.

● Manage returns by receiving items, inputting return information into a spreadsheet,
comparing the information with Shipstation to ensure accuracy, taking photos of received
items, and performing quality checks before repackaging for restocking.

● Prepare marketing sample shipments with great attention to detail, packing items in a
uniform way and including any notes and/or marketing materials, and printing barcodes.

● Manage production sample archiving by receiving samples, barcoding, taking pictures, and
placing photos in a specific folder on the NAS with the SKU of each photo. Store samples in
clear boxes only.

● Receive imported items by performing an item quality check, verifying info band label with
product and box info, and taking photos of defects or box damage for future reports.

● Perform monthly inventory auditing by counting items and putting them in the correct row.

● Manage donation processes by dividing each donation by SKU, placing labels with date
information, SKU, and quantity. Create a label on the outside of the box with information on
everything inside the box. Prepare a list of all donations to be sent.

● High level of accuracy and a keen eye for detail.

● Strong focus on quality control and the ability to maintain standards.

● Very attentive with the ability to take the initiative.

● Computer skills such as reading and writing Google Spreadsheets.

● Experience coordinating hardware such as computers, printers, barcode printers, and
barcode scanners.

● Positive attitude and the ability to work well under pressure.

● Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think on your feet.

● Ability to adapt to changing situations and priorities.

● Self-motivated and able to work independently with minimal supervision.

● Prior experience in a team-oriented work environment is a plus.
If you are a meticulous and detail-oriented individual with experience in fulfillment and inventory
management, we encourage you to apply for this position.