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Lead Electric Industrial Equipment Tester

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Company Name:  BIC Alliance
Job #:
Job Type:  Full Time
Job Category:  Technology
Location:  Houston, TX
Job Description:  
COMPANY OVERVIEW: An industrial technology company providing rotating equipment service solutions to the refining, petrochemical and manufacturing industries.

POSITION TITLE: Lead Electric Industrial Equipment Tester

COMPENSATION: $20 - $30/hr + overtime

BENEFITS: Standard benefits


SUMMARY: Perform AC and DC electric motor, generator, and industrial tests using utility and VFD power for systems from 5 Hp to 7,000 Hp and generators up to 20 MW. Assemble the test system, install all mounting fixtures and equipment, align shafts; set up instruments, wire, sensors, and data acquisition equipment; identify inaccuracies and diagnose causes, assess each assembly for safety risks, and resolve issues.
Tests shall be performed to industry, company and customer standards. Prepare test reports consistent with the industry, company or customer test request.
Lead co-workers with lessor experience to complete tasks on time in a safe manor.

• Inspect incoming Units for Tests, record all equipment conditions, assist in removing the Units for Test off the truck, and determine all cleaning or repairs required to complete a safe test, to protect test equipment and testers. Tools include expert knowledge, torque, bending, concentricity, resistance, insulation, leakage current and surge measurements.
• Coordinate with the Plant Manager the work, priorities and resources. Assist others in preparing the Unit for Test which can include cleaning, power washing, disassembling, burnout oven operation, rewinding and assembly.
• Lead the effort to place the Unit for test into the test area, create a test system layout plan, position equipment, align shafts, secure equipment using existing or conceptualize new fixtures, install fasteners, couplings, guards, shields, and defectors.
• Coordinate the selection and use of test instrumentation, specific sensors, mounting methods, and wire layout and EMI shielding techniques. Setup each piece of test equipment for correct and accurate measurements for the tests and conditions.
• Before testing assess the test system for safety; fundamentally using strength of materials, ensure bolts are tight, loose parts are secured or removed, wires are secure and for electrical spacing and isolation.
• During testing, monitor all measurements for accuracy and repeatability and determine values are within expected ranges. Ensure all measurements are being recorded during testing. Supply data to that test customer and secure approval. Prepare reports.
• Dissemble the test system, returning equipment to designated areas and cleaning the test area to meet facility 5S directives.

Required Skills:  
• The ideal candidate will have 10 years+ experience testing large electrical industrial equipment, operating instrumentation and using mechanical measurement tools, possess both an electrical and mechanical technology associate degree and have participated in EASA training as well as ISO experience.1+ years of digital content experience at a publisher, media company, interactive agency, corporation or non-profit is a plus
• Requires excellent problem solving techniques to resolve any problem that arises concerning any test - has usually seen some form of the problem previously.
• Proficient in reading drawings, and geometric tolerances and using that information to properly measure components.
• Good understanding of schematic wiring diagrams and the ability to troubleshoot the system to diagnose issues from the entire system to individual components.
• Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word, for test data collection and report writing.
• Demonstrated skills reconfiguring and using computer based Data Acquisition Systems
• Proficient in English, bilingual in Spanish desirable.

• Adaptability - Adapts to changes in duties as well as in the work environment.
• Attendance/Punctuality - Is consistently at work and on time.
• Continuous Learning - Seeks feedback to improve performance; pursues training and development opportunities; strives to continuously build knowledge and skills.
• Dependability - Follows instructions, responds to management direction; takes responsibility for own actions.
• Quality - Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; applies feedback to improve performance; visually and electrically inspects own work to ensure quality.
• Safety and Security - Observes safety and security procedures; reports potentially unsafe conditions; uses equipment and materials properly.

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Friday - Sep. 18, 2020
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